Excellent quality of our products including Party Item, Holi Paste, Holi powder, Pichkari Water Gun, Lal Kila Bag Packing Gulaal, Tota Rooh Holi Color, Tota Herbal Spray and others have helped us in earning certifications like ISO 140001 and GMP. Our team of quality assurance and management experts work collaboratively to make sure that the products are produced as well as delivered to the end location in their best condition. We can assure that the products we supply are of premium quality because of the following:

  • Non-Toxic: Our products are certified by National Toxicology Center. They are approved as being non-irritating & safe for skin. 
  • Safe For Lungs: Even if someone accidently inhales our holi colors in small quantity, it would not affect the lungs.
  • Eco-Friendly: After thorough research, our experts produce safe & environmentally friendly products.
  • Safe For Skin: Our products are passed and certified as per the international standards of skin safety.
  • Non-Flammable: Our offered variety of colors is developed & tested stringently for flammability. 
  • Easy To Clean: The clothes that come into contact with our colors can be easily cleaned with plain water.
  • Organic: No chemicals are used for the preparation of our colors. We use only organic farmic dyes.
  • Biodegradable Packaging: Along with the custom option of packaging, in which we provide outer artwork, we also provide paper based biodegradable packaging bags. 

Manufacturing Setup

Our spacious and modern manufacturing setup enables us to attain the latest international standards for products. We are able to produce required quantity of colors within stipulated timeframe without any compromise due to support of our facilities. 


  • Step 1: Our experts are dedicatedly involved in research & development work to improve the quality of products, processes, systems & cost-efficiency with time.
  • Step 2: We source the finest quality of well-tested raw material for the preparation of our products.
  • Step 3: The material is then blended, grinded and dried in advanced & automatic machines.
  • Step 4: Final products are thoroughly examined at renowned labs as per the latest international norms and regulations.
  • Step 5: Quality assured items are approved for packaging based on the requirements and specifications of customers.
  • Step 6: As per the set schedule, we deliver the products to required destinations.

Export Market

Our reach in the global markets has increased exponentially because of our progressive, customer-oriented and quality-centric work. We are also connected with some of the most active distributors in the market, and working alongside them, we ensure easy availability of Lal Kila Bag Packing Gulaal, Tota Herbal Spray, Tota Rooh Holi Color, Pichkari Water Gun and other items for the customers. 

Our products are widely demanded from local to international regions because they match the latest European & American norms as well. Along with the customers from Indian market, we are also serving and supporting customers from countries like USA, Australia, UK, Portugal, France, Germany, Egypt, Netherlands, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Canada, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and more.

Our Team

We are backed by a team of 40 professional, innovative and hardworking individuals who are passionately working for the growth of our company. Their brilliant teamwork allows us to complete all orders for Pichkari Water Gun, Tota Herbal Spray, Lal Kila Bag Packing Gulaal, Tota Rooh Holi Color, etc., on time.

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